Who are we?

Today's markets are difficult and challenging for all types of real estate. Non-performing loans related to real property investments have led to the need for massive write-downs. This situation is further intensified by the European sovereign debt crisis and tighter capital requirements for banks and financial institutions.

Each class of real estate investment and asset is linked to specific challenges and opportunities. However, optimizing these individual positions can be costly and requires significant effort.

This is where RE-STRUCTURE comes in. We take on each individual challenge and seize each opportunity. We want to help you to quickly eliminate the word “problem” when speaking about real estate and non-performing loans.

Restructuring and workout departments can be expensive and are not the core business of banks and financial institutions. When you consider these costs, the absence of various areas of expertise required for successful real estate restructuring projects, unpreventable staff turnover, and the pressure to reduce headcount, you need more innovative approaches.
RE-STRUCTURE has a staff of experienced restructuring specialists and cooperates on a project-by-project basis with the best experts available in their area of specialization and geographical markets. RE-STRUCTURE supervises and coordinates the work of outside experts and guarantees the timely achievement of the goals established with its clients.

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