Real Estate consulting services

RE-STRUCTURE provides, organizes, supervises, and coordinates respectively, the following services:

  • Coordinating legal, financial and tax advice and providing technical due diligence of the real property concerned
  • Creating a tax efficient corporate structure
  • Creating new special purpose vehicles
  • Managing the project
  • Providing managing directors and registered offices to companies
  • Monitoring of the project
This service can either be:

Consulting and Assistance: Consulting services are offered to clients who have their own internal project structure and only need advisory services regarding the project.

One-Stop-Shop RE-STRUCTURE is a full-service real estate competence centre, enabling us to act at our clients' request as a one-stop shop for real estate projects. The product is a properly managed project that is fully assigned to RE-STRUCTURE to manage the various aspects of the project. Starting with the planning phase to the construction phase, we manage the leasing of the completed project, which can go as far as an exit.

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